Several years ago, a concerned father approached me at a church to ask me a question about the powerful voices of youth culture: “How can I expect my 13-year-old son to hear the still small voice of God with all these other voices screaming in his ears, ‘Come and follow! Come and follow! Come and follow!” The battle to hear the life-giving voice of God is not limited to the ears of our children and teens. The voices of what the Apostle Paul calls “the course of this world” are all around us as we endeavor to parent our kids. Those voices are loud, attractive, compelling, and convincing. And the greater the number of our parenting peers who follow those voices, the greater the pressure on us to do the same. The Psalmist knows full well that he needs guidance and direction. In Psalm 25:4 He asks the Lord to “show me” and “teach me your paths.” We are called to do the same. And, we must instill in our kids a passion to be shown and taught as well.