Students Pushing Back on Big Tobacco

Kudos to the group of almost one hundred Hawaiian high school students who last month rallied at their state capital to request that state lawmakers take action against big tobacco. Knowing just how dangerous and addicting tobacco use is, the students were lobbying for legislation to regulate e-cigarettes and stop the sale of flavored tobacco. With the youth vaping epidemic on the rise, these students are taking matters into their own hands to protect their vulnerable and easily influenced peers from getting hooked and suffering the long-term effects of tobacco use. Samantha Lay, a junior at Roosevelt High School said this: “The tobacco industry systematically targets youth with flavors like Rainbow Candy, Aloha Sun Fruit Punch, and Passionfruit/Orange/Guava to entice kids at early stages of their lives. This has resulted in a rapid increase in addiction and rising demand for these products amongst my classmates and even kids as young as elementary school.” We say way to go Samantha!