Parents, are you at a loss for what to talk about at the dinner table with your children and teens? Are you wondering how to bring the light of the truths of God’s Word to shine on the cultural issues and realities that are influencing your kids? The marketing research folks at Piper Sandler recently released their list of the top ten political and social issues kids are thinking about and trying to navigate today. Listen to this list of issues and work to start and seize opportunities to talk about each. The number one issue for our kids at the present moment is the environment. The Scriptures certainly speak about creation care and stewardship of the earth. The remaining issues are racial equality, the situation in Afghanistan, the Coronavirus, Abortion, President Joe Biden, the economy, women’s rights, gas prices, and finally, LGBTQ rights. Ask you kids to list what it is they care about the most. Then, search God’s Word together for His perspective on the issues. This is a great way to nurture your kids.