When I was a kid, I remember being given the old Revell model known as the visible man. I spent hours looking with fascination at all the plastic organs and bones that showed the make-up of the human body. As I’ve gotten older and become more aware of the intricacies of the human body, I’ve been amazed at how God made us, with every organ and system integrated into a functioning whole. And, I’ve learned that when one part of the body suffers, there is an effect on other parts of the body as well. This holds true to the relationship of our minds and mental health with our physical health. This should cause us concern over the growing epidemic of teen anxiety, as the effects on our kids’ physical health are becoming more and more clear. A recent study is telling us that stress or anxiety in the teen years is related to a twenty percent higher likelihood of having a heart attack in mid-life. This is just one of the many outcomes that should cause us to get our anxious kids to a qualified Christian counselor.