Because we live in a fallen and broken world where the effects of sin touch everything everywhere, we know that time and gravity are not kind to the human body. We experience the effects of aging, disease, and decay, with our ultimate end being the death of our physical bodies. Those of us who are older are aware of this, and many of us are suffering the consequences of lifelong bad habits and the toll they take on our bodies. But it’s not just those of us who are older. Dr. Robert Lager, a cardiac physician, is now sounding the alarm that teenagers need to be concerned about heart disease, even at their young age. He reports that there has been a rise in teenagers with plaque buildup in their arteries, which of course can lead to a greater risk of heart disease later in life. Lager says that one in six teens already have significant plaque buildup in their arteries. How can we help our teens steward their bodies? Tell them to avoid smoking, to eat healthy foods, and to exercise regularly.