All this week we’re looking at my friend Chap Clark’s five new realities every kid wants us to know. Reality number three is this: Our kids believe that there is nothing that lasts. Chap reminds us that M. Scott Pecks book, The Road Less Traveled, begins with these words: “Life is difficult.” We know that this is true. But over the last few decades, we have becoming increasingly hopeless about the future. For our kids, futility about the future is the new normal. Developing a healthy outlook on life requires that there is something upon which to stand and thrive. With our kids believing that tomorrow is always going to be worse, we need to go out of our way to communicate the hope that can be theirs in Jesus Christ. Yes, the world is broken. But God has put into place a marvelous and grand plan of redemption where those who have faith in Christ can not only have hope in the midst of present difficulty, but they can look forward to a new heaven and a new earth where all things are as they are supposed to be.