Today we’re continuing our week-long look at Chap Clark’s five new realities every kid wants us to know. Here’s reality number four: Our kids believe that the words people use rarely match reality. What is Chap telling us here? Our kids are living in a world where it’s obvious to them that promises that are made are just as easily broken. As a result, our kids have become Class A cynics. You hear it from kids who say things like, “We don’t respect adults because they don’t respect us.” Growing up being told to “do as I say, not as I do” may sound like an innocuous and innocent old cliché. But in today’s brave new world of childhood and adolescence, this reality gap is one more nail in the coffin of trust. Jesus has called his followers to follow him by living lives of integrity. We must not only keep our word, but that word must be kept in and through our actions. We can reverse the cynicism of the emerging generations by being people of truth and integrity.