From time to time I update you on some of the slang you might hear your kids using with each other and their friends. As we get older, we can feel more and more out of touch as it can sound like they are speaking an entirely different language. For example, you might hear them talk about throwing shade, which means to give someone a dirty look. Or, they might refer to an older woman, perhaps even their mom, as a Karen, which is a disparaging way to describe a middle-aged woman who acts self-entitled and rude, particularly to a waiter or waitress. With teen slang changing as fast at the dates on the calendar, there are a few ways to keep up with the latest words. We suggest you start by simply asking your teen or a teen you know to translate the slang you don’t understand. In addition, you can download The Slangit Slang Dictionary app, or the Chat Slang Dictionary app to your smartphone.  This is one way to use your smartphone to actually get a little bit smarter.