Ever since the smartphone became a standard accessory and even an appendage much like our arms and legs, experts have debated whether or not people can become addicted to their digital devices. The research evidence is quickly accumulating that says yes, all of us can become addicted to our devices. And like all kinds of addicts, we are typically willing to point out the addiction of others, while denying that we might have a problem. But listen to this. Some recent research from the Pew Research group has found that forty-five percent of our teenagers report feeling addicted to their smartphone devices. Teen smartphone addiction is very real and it needs to be addressed. We suggest that you hold off on giving a smartphone to your kids until they reach the age of sixteen. If earlier, give them a device that has limited social media capabilities. And set up borders and boundaries that will keep them safe. The way we use our technology is actually a way for us to worship God.