We continue to hear reports that rates of depression and suicide are on the rise among children, teens, and young adults. These ugly realities are no respecter of persons, touching Christian families and individuals as well. You and your kids are not immune. There are many preventive measures we can take as we hope and pray that the kids we know and love will be spared the anguish of depression. One of these measures is to constantly remind our kids that God is their source of strength in times of difficulty. Jesus told his followers they could expect pain and persecution. The Psalms are full of the moans and laments of human suffering and emotional misery. But all of God’s Word points to the fact that God does not leave us alone in times of trouble. In the midst of intense personal pain, the psalmist would write these words: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.” Our parent example should teach our kids how to handle the difficulties life sends our way.