Parents, I’m guessing you’re concerned about the spiritual growth of your children and teens. Because of this, it’s important that you remember that spiritual growth is a process. If you are a Christian parent, your level of faith, spiritual maturity, and understanding is not the same as when you were a teenager. You’ve gone through a long process of growth that is still continuing. Don’t expect your kids to be where you’re at in your faith. They are still in process and they need time to grow. If we fall into the trap of expecting our kids to be at the point of full and faithful Christian maturity, we may in fact be facilitating their outward conformity to our expectations and standards, without having gone through real heart change and growth. Our desire should be for changed hearts that lead to a changed lifestyle. Outward conformity looks nice and it can make us look good as parents, but it’s only a front that will most likely come crashing down someday.