Teens and a Heart for God

There are so many voices in our culture that cry out to our kids, summoning their allegiance and defining what’s most important in life. Sadly, few of these voices encourage them to have a heart for God. All this week, I want to share with you the signs of a heart for God that Paul Tripp identifies in his wonderful parenting book, Age of Opportunity. Paul Tripp says that the first sign of a heart for God is an independent life of personal worship and devotion. A teen with a heart for God spends personal time with the Lord. He will want to read the Bible and spend time in prayer. She will carve out time in the midst of her busy and chaotic schedule to study the scriptures. Tripp says that it’s not likely that your teen will get up every morning at five a.m. to read and pray for two hours, but there will be a developing life of personal devotion. Parents, pray that your teen will develop a deep hunger and thirst to know God, to study God’s word, and to pray.