Teens and Corporate Worship

All this week we’re looking at Paul Tripp’s parenting book, Age of Opportunity, and the five signs that our teenagers have a heart for God. Today, we look at the second sign. Tripp says that teens who have a heart for God will have a desire to be involved in corporate worship and instruction. A teenager who is glad to go to church services and who does not need to be threatened to be there will be there for two primary reasons. First, he will enjoy worship because worship expresses his heartfelt love and thanksgiving for God and his work. Second, he will find enjoyment in being with people who share his desire to praise God. He will be there because he finds that corporate worship helps him focus on the most important thing in life, the existence of God and his glory. A teen who has a heart for the pursuit of God may not be able to put this desire for worship into words, but he will want to be in worship. Pray that your teen develops a heart for God and a passion for worship.