Teens and God’s Guidance

All this week we’re looking at Paul Tripp’s parenting book, Age of Opportunity, and the five signs that our teenagers have a heart for God. Today, we look at the fourth sign. Tripp says that teens who have a heart for God will be relaxed and open to discussions about spiritual things. We should not expect or accept our teenagers’ being closed and defensive to spiritual things. Paul Tripp says that we should seek to nurture our children to love the Lord and his word. Our kids need to grow up to understand that God’s word speaks to every situation of life, and they should be hungry to be guided and corrected by God’s Word. We want our kids to be humble and open to God’s guidance. They need to know that they need God’s help, and they should seek it. Parents, evaluate your teenager. How open is he or she to talking about spiritual things. Continually pray for your teen. Pray for their hearts and minds. Ask God to give them a hunger and thirst to talk about God and His word.