One of the main developmental tasks of adolescence is identity formation. Teenagers are living through a period of life where they are trying to find answers to one of the most basic of all questions: Who am I? Consequently, we should always be paying close attention to our kids to see where they are going for answers and where they are landing with their identity. Our great desire and prayer should be to seen them run to their creator in order to find their identity in him. Tim Keller writes, “Identity is always rooted in the things we look toward to save us., the things to which we give ultimate allegiance. To ask, ‘Who are you?’ is to ask ‘Whose are you?’ To know who you are is to know what you have given yourself to, what controls you, and what you most fundamentally trust.” Parents, we need to be teaching our kids that their identity cannot be found in power, the approval of others, or a comfortable life. The same holds true for each of us. Pray for your kids, that they worship and serve Jesus Christ.