Anyone who has ever been a teenager or is raising a teenager knows that some of the storm and stress of adolescence is the result of impulsivity and poor decision-making. Like the rest of us, teenagers are prone to stray from God’s will and way as they make sinful choices and decisions. God used His prophet Jeremiah to deliver a strong message to His people regarding the blessings and curses associated with the making of both good and bad choices. Because He is a God of great grace, God promises to forgive and bless those who repent and turn away from their sin as He works out His plan for their lives. The familiar words of Jeremiah 29:11 speak to this reality as God promises those who repent that He will “prosper” them eternally with His forgiveness and peace. Your teens need to not only know that God frowns on their sin, but that He has provided a way through Christ to forgiveness of sin and the erasure of the condemnation that results from our sinful choices and decisions.