Recently, while working at my desk in my office, I heard a loud bang at the intersection just outside my window. I quickly turned and saw a car with a hood that had crumpled as a result of rear-ending a pick-up truck. The young woman driving the car had a cellphone in her hand. Now I’m not sure if the cellphone had distracted her or if she was making a call, but what I saw did remind me of the dangers of texting while driving. New research finds that teens who use cellphones while they are driving are not only in danger of being distracted and wrecking, but they are also more likely to engage in other types of risky driving. The research found that forty-four percent of the teen drivers surveyed said they’d been in at least one crash, and seventy-three percent report cellphone use while driving. And those who report cellphone use are also more likely to engage in speeding, aggressive passing, and running red lights. Warn your kids, and teach them that driving is an opportunity to give glory to God.