If there’s one common denominator to the adolescent experience of teenagers over the last six decades it has to be acne. I remember dealing with the dread of acne when I was a teenager. And in today’s world, fifty million Americans suffer from acne, most of them teenagers and young adults. But it seems that adolescent acne could be connected to positive outcomes in later life. The study, titled “Do Pimples Pay? Acne, human capital, and the Labor Market,” found that having acne in adolescence is associated with achieving higher grades in high school English, math, science, and social studies, along with an overall higher high school GPA. In addition, acne is positively associated with completing a college degree and higher earning potential for adult women. Some believe that the social isolation related to acne could lead to more time spent pursuing academics. There is a biblical truth at work here as well, that our suffering can shape us in redemptive ways.