Our kids are swimming in a cultural soup that is ever-present, powerful, compelling, convincing, and potent in terms of its life-shaping power. Guess what? You and I are swimming in that same soup as well. As followers of Jesus, we need to be constantly aware of the soup and its potential and very real effects on us, and we need to be teaching our kids to do the same. The Bible and way we read it is crucial to our success in navigating today’s world to the glory of God. Tim Keller writes these helpful words, “Contemporary people tend to examine the Bible, looking for things they can’t accept, but Christians should reverse that, allowing the bible to examine us, looking for things God can’t accept.” Parents, everything in life should be viewed through the corrective lenses of a Christian world and life view. That world and life view can only be shaped by prayerful immersion in God’s Word. Is God’s Word central to your life? Is God’s Word central in your home?