It’s important that when we talk to our kids about following Jesus that we take the time to explain the fact that there is a cost. Way too many of us were raised believing that becoming a Christian would solve all our problems, make our lives easy, and lead to happiness. The reality is that there is a cost. In the last few verses of Luke Chapter nine, we read about three people who came to Jesus to express their willingness to follow him. Jesus responds with words about having no place to lay our heads, letting the dead bury their own dead, and putting hands to the plow and not looking back. What Jesus is saying that the life of discipleship is not an easy life. There will be little comfort as we are not at home in this world. Following Jesus should take precedence over every other relationship. The reality is that discipleship is not a half-hearted endeavor. Parents, we must first consider the cost of discipleship ourselves. And then, we must clearly state the cost of living a life of discipleship with our kids.