Parents, here’s a powerful reminder from Nancy Guthrie in her book Praying Through the Bible For Your Kids. “To be a true follower of Jesus is not easy. There is a cost. It requires a relinquishment of the selfish ambition that makes this life all about what we can accomplish and acquire. It requires that rather than charting out a course for a life that we think will provide happiness and fulfillment, we must entrust the course of our lives to Christ. It requires that we fix our gaze firmly on him as we anticipate his benefits and presence in the life to come, even as we accept the losses and disappointments that are part of this life. As parents, we want to protect our children from pain and difficulty. Too often we want a life for them that does not include a cross. We need faith to believe that what Jesus said to his disciples is really true for us and for our children – that the only way to find true life is by putting self-determination and self-centeredness to death.”