All this week we’re looking at some great advice from Dr. Ted Tripp regarding common communication pitfalls that we all too often resort to using with our teens. Dr. Tripp warns parents against the pitfall of disengaging. This is one of the biggest problems facing Christian families today. Too many Christian parents give up trying to be a nurturing influence in their teens’ lives. They limit their engagement to giving curfews and consequences. The kids wind up being influenced more by their peers, than by their parents. Dr. Tripp says that parents sometimes think, They don’t care about me and what I think. One word from me and they go in the other direction anyway. Instead of being in the thick of the battle in the most important time for teens, parents give up on trying to have any influence on them at all. Parents, do not disengage. Your teens need your Godly wisdom, advice, and presence now more than ever. Be sure to give them the gift of engagement.