As Christian parents, we are called to responsibly steward God’s good gift of our children. We are to tend to their spiritual nurture, their physical health, and their mental health. Our parenting is to bring glory to God as we raise our children to glorify God over and above pursuing the idols of our times. One of those idols is the idol of organized sport. While organized sports are a good thing, they can become an ultimate thing, or idol. One way that organized sports become unhealthy is when we push our kids into focusing and specializing in just one sport, rather than allowing them to play more widely. Researchers tell us that allowing our kids to specialize in sports early carries the risks of higher injury rates, increased psychological stress and anxiety, and a tendency to burn-out at a young age. In addition, heavy sports specialization requires a large amount of time, including Sunday mornings. Parents, prioritize your child’s spiritual growth and development.