Vanity is defined as excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements. In today’s world, you are what you look like. As a result, not only do we tend to spend excessive amounts of time and money trying to improve our appearance, but we do the same to our kids. Some would say that fashion model Clare Boyd was incredibly fortunate to be discovered at age thirteen while eating pancakes in a restaurant. While Boyd became a successful high profile model by all standards, she has seen the dark side of the business, including all kinds of exploitation and predatory behavior. What Boyd says about her own two teen daughters should temper any faulty aspirations we might have for our kids. She says, “while I have it in my power to protect them, it will be a no, no, and another emphatic no to the ugly business of modeling.” Parents, it’s easy to let the ways of this world drown out Godly aspirations for our kids. It is their inward character that we should work to develop.