Do you remember going to elementary school and having a regularly scheduled weekly library day? Several generations of kids looked forward to that trip in a line down the school hallway to return and then take out a book or two. We have to wonder if today’s kids feel the same excitement for library day. I’m guessing it doesn’t. The U.S. Department of Education is reporting that among our nine-year-olds, the percentage who say they never or hardly ever read has risen since 1984 from nine percent to sixteen percent. Among thirteen-year-olds, that number has increased from eight percent to twenty-nine percent. And among seventeen year olds, the number has risen from nine percent to twenty-seven percent. Fewer and fewer kids are reading. Others are reading less. Reading is a good exercise for the mind. The good news is that if a non-reader starts to read, it can become a habit again. Encourage your kids to read. Why not start with the Chronicles of Narnia?