Here’s some interesting survey data to think about and act upon as we find ourselves in the middle of the summer months. A recent OnePoll survey of two thousand parents with children between the ages of five and thirteen found that only forty-eight percent of moms and dads believe that their child could entertain themselves in the outdoors for thirty minutes. The parents believe that the growing amount of time kids spend on smartphones and social media is not only keeping their kids from going outside, but diminishing their level of imagination. Parents, our culture is definitely trending in this direction. But we can and must live counter-culturally, leading our kids to do the same for their own good and for God’s glory. We encourage you to take stock of how your kids are spending and even mis-spending their time. Think creatively of ways to increase your outside time together as a family. Bicycles, kayaks, backyard play equipment. . . all these things are great alternatives to screen time.