The Gift of a Committed Dad

This week we’re getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day. Dr. Ken Canfield tells Dads that the first secret to fathering effectiveness is commitment. Commitment involves much more than claiming your child as your own. This commitment requires a conscious choice to be your child’s father, along with resolving to work for your child’s benefit. Fathers who choose not to commit are opening the door for someone or something else to raise their children. In today’s youth culture, there are a variety of fathering surrogates stepping in to assume the role of Dad. It could be the television, the school system, the government, or your daughter’s boyfriend. Consider these two facts: If you don’t choose to father your children, someone else will. As you celebrate father’s day this week, go ahead and enjoy the attention and love showered on you, and quietly ask God to help you do those things a dad should do for his children.