The Gift of a Good Example Dad

This week we’re discussing what teens need in a dad. When my son Josh was still in his preschool years, he opened my eyes to the power of my example. While riding together in the car I had to swerve and skid to avoid an accident. As we screeched to a halt and the other car went whizzing past us, Josh looked out his window in the direction of the other driver. While raising and shaking his fist, he yelled, “You Idiot!” It didn’t take long to realize where my mild-mannered little boy had learned such hostile behavior. Our kids become like us. They learn from our example. The things we do and say model who they are to become. The power of a dad’s example is captured in the old saying, “Like father, like son.” Dad’s what kind of example are you providing for your kids? And, if you want your kids to grow up to be followers of Jesus Christ, do they see an example of that in you?