The Gift of a Grace-Filled Dad

All this week we’ve been looking at the powerful role Dad’s play in their teen’s lives. Our kids will mess up. For some, their poor decisions will result in consequences that last a long time. Others may enter into a rebellious period that leaves you hoping and praying that like the prodigal son, they’ll return home. It’s at these times when we need to realize that loving our kids, means being committed to our kids. Teens living in today’s culture face incredible pressures. Because they are sinful human beings, they will from time to time give in. We need to continue to love them when they mess up, are unreasonable, make mistakes, and don’t deserve it. I’ve come to appreciate the advice given by Christian psychologist Dr. John White, who himself dealt with a rebellious son. His basic rule for parenting is worth remembering. “As Christ is to me, so must I be to my children.” Dad, give your kids your love.