The Gift of a Loving Dad

This week we celebrate Father’s Day. This is a great time to look at the valuable role Dad plays in a teenager’s life. Research indicates that tonight, 40% of America’s children and teens will go to bed in a home where their father does not live. Countless millions more will go to bed in a home where their father is physically present, but emotionally or spiritually detached. Father absence is a contributing factor to virtually every social problem and pressure facing our teenagers today. An absent dad invites the presence of pain. Substance abuse, peer pressure, premarital sexual activity, depression, and suicide are just a few of the issues that are more likely to be present in a teenager’s life if Dad is out of the picture. God has created us to live in families with both a mom and a dad. This Sunday, as you’re opening your father’s day gift, think long and hard about giving your kids the gift of a loving and involved dad.