Because Jesus Christ is Lord over all of life, our faith does have something to say about how we treat and care for our bodies. Our physical selves need to be taken care of and stewarded as an act of worship. On a practical level, we need to be teaching our kids to not worship their bodies, but to care for them through proper diet and exercise. The recently released Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey from the CDC is reporting a trend that we as parents should be addressing. Almost seventeen percent of the middle school and high school students surveyed report that they had not eaten breakfast on all seven days during the seven days before the survey. The CDC warns that this trend is on the increase. In fact, it is up from thirteen percent back in 2011. Dietary experts tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it kickstarts and fuels our systems. Teach your kids that a healthy body is one that serves them well as they endeavor to serve the Lord throughout the day.