In a recent article in First Things magazine, respected social researcher Mary Eberstadt reflects on the unique blend of circumstances that led up to the explosive events in our country during 2020. Eberstadt believes that our collective lives are already unstable for a variety of reasons. But she says that one major factor at play is the crisis of fatherlessness that has been building in our culture for the past fifty years. Children and teens are growing up without the deep nurturing and formative relationships they should be having with their fathers. You see, our kids have been made for relationships, and one of the primary relationships for which they’ve been made is with a dad. Without that, kids search for father substitutes, and membership in extremist groups becomes a street family for a child. Dads, we cannot emphasize enough the value of your role as you spend both quality and quantity time with your kids. Love them. Care for them. And above all, nurture them in the Christian faith.