The Latest on Kids and Pornography

Our friends at Common Sense Media have released their latest report on teenagers and pornography. Since pornography is a horribly fallen expression and distortion of God’s good gift of sexuality, we want to encourage parents to listen to what the survey has found, and then take ongoing steps to teach your kids about God’s good gift of sexuality. Nearly three in every four teens have been exposed to pornography, either accidentally or on purpose. Fifty two percent of our boys and thirty-six percent of our girls say they have watched pornography on purpose. Among teens who have watched pornography intentionally, fifty-nine percent watched once a week or more, and thirty one percent watched less than once a week. And while twelve is the average age when children first watched pornography, fifteen percent of kids first saw it at age ten or younger. Parents, pornography is miseducating our kids on sex. Know and teach God’s design as taught in the Bible.