The Meaning of Pride

Today, I want to share some words from Rick Reed in his Salvo Magazine article on the word Pride. Reed writes, “Until 1970, the former understanding of pride as one of the seven deadly sins was regarded as a foundational moral truth. With the advent of gay pride, the word assumed a positive connotation. The semantic shift facilitated a cultural shift from moral authority to individual preference. What right reason calls sin, individual preference now celebrates with ostentation and vainglorious ornamentation. The new use of the word has become a tool for canceling centuries of moral and cultural disapproval. Reed continues, The shift paved the way for overturning long-standing law, the established and biblically founded definition of marriage, and even the definition of what a women is. Once the principal cardinal sin, pride now denies the very existence of sin, other than resistance to its prideful demands. Parents, we need to lead our kids into establishing deep roots in the Gospel.