After thirty years of living in our current house, we finally decided to put a shed in our backyard. This allowed me to begin the long-overdue process of cleaning out our garage by moving things into our new shed. After cleaning off a fifty year old rusty metal shelf we had in the back of our garage, I realized its poor condition warranted a trip to the dumpster. As I dismantled the old metal shelf, it dawned on me that I had helped my dad assemble that very shelf and others like it on a summer day way back in 1970. He was pastoring a new church and we were putting together these metal shelves so that he had a place to put his massive library around the walls of his new office. I got a bit emotional as I remembered my dad and how he had taught me to use tools, and how he required me to chip in and help from time to time. I also remembered his Christian faith and what he had taught me, all things he had learned from those books on his shelf. Parents, don’t ever doubt the power of your example.