I recently read an article by journalist Terrell Clemmons in Salvo Magazine. The article reports on efforts to answer the destructive ongoing fallout of the sexual revolution with a counter-cultural sexual revolution that affirms, celebrates, and promotes the life-giving message of a biblical sexual ethic. Clemmons reports on the efforts of Jennifer Roback Morse and the Ruth Institute, and the organizations efforts to restore the narrative on marriage, family, and human sexuality that God wove into the creation at the very beginning. In the article, Clemmons shares these urgent marching orders to parents, youth workers, and anyone else who’s leading kids: “Every biting tentacle of the sexual revolution proceeds from the same defective root – the ripping of sex from its God-ordained context and purpose. And so, we must first speak and live according to sexual virtue.” Jesus has called us to a life of counter-cultural speaking, teaching, and living. What are you giving to your kids?