Since this is Pride month, I’d like to spend this week sharing some words of wisdom from HarvestUSA’s John Freeman, on how to remain faithful when others embrace lgbtq+ theology. John tells us to expect misunderstanding and persecution. Our culture’s man-centered theology is based on the heart’s desires, where there are no absolutes and everything is relative. When we take a contrary position, we become a threat and affront to others. Nowhere is this more evident today than in the debate about sexuality and the Bible. Believing that God speaks clearly and authoritatively about sex and sexuality is supposedly bigoted, unloving, and socially incorrect. You may be viewed as the problem or the enemy. Don’t let that shipwreck you! Expecting these responses and believing on Scripture’s reliability guards you from dismay when people react against your lack of approval or enthusiasm. Thank you John, for these words of wisdom and for helping us remain firm in God’s word.