The School Bathroom Debate

If it hasn’t yet happened somewhere near where you live, it most likely will at some point in the future. What I’m talking about is the debate over who gets to use what bathroom in your local public school. Thanks to activists and the spread of the transgender ideology, more and more school boards are facing the pressure to allow students to use the bathroom they believe corresponds to their felt gender identity, rather than the bathroom that reflects their anatomical makeup and biological sex. Here in Pennsylvania, one high profile case is that in the Perkiomen Valley school district in suburban Philadelphia. In September, the Perkiomen Valley school board shot down a policy that would require students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex. One month later, the school board reversed their decision. The reversal came after four hundred high school students staged a walkout in support of protecting women and girls. Sometimes it takes kids to show us what’s right.