Kids are sharp. . . . very sharp. It doesn’t take long for them to pick up on where you as a parent find your identity. If you have embraced the Christ who has embraced you, then this will serve as a compelling embodiment that turns conventional cultural wisdom on where to find one’s identity upside-down! The who you are, sends kids strong messages on the who they’ve been made to be. History tells us that the famous monk Bernard of Clairvaux hadn’t always found his identity in Christ. He was born into the luxury-filled life of nobility. Eventually he learned that his identity could only be found in Christ. Out of that experience of living on the foundation of a new identity-base, Bernard would pen these words to his now-classic hymn: “Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts! Thou fount of life! Thou light of men! From the best bliss that earth imparts, We turn unfilled to Thee again.” That, and only that, is the place where our kids will truly find themselves. Are you living that in your life?