I recently learned about a free downloadable Mac application that is designed to help users avoid distractions that come with a lack of self control while online. The app is simply named “self control.” It functions by allowing a user to block their own access to distracting websites or anything else on the internet. Users establish a period of time to block sites on a blacklist that they’ve created for themselves. Once you click start there is no way to access those sites until the timer runs out. You can’t even access those sites by re-booting your computer or deleting the app. While the self-control app might be a necessary last ditch measure for kids who lack self control, it makes sense that we should work with our kids from the youngest ages to help them develop self-control. In Galatians chapter five we read that self-control is a fruit of the spirit. As our children grow in Christ and practice Godly restraint, these habits will form them. Pray for your kids, that they will develop Godly self-control.