If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend that you view “The Social Dilemma”, a documentary that is streaming on Netflix. The film features interviews with a variety of young and brilliant tech insiders who are responsible for the development of a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat. The film shows us how these sites have been constructed to not only deliver us to marketers who have something to sell, but how our use of these sites actually manipulates us, young and old alike, through what is known in the industry as the psychology of persuasion. I won’t tell you everything about the film, but I will share two things. First, one of the insiders says, “People in technology have created tools to destabilize and erode the fabric of society.” Second, many of those who appear on screen adamantly proclaim their commitment to keeping their own children away from screens. Parents, watch the film and raise your awareness!