The Super Bowl and Ads

With the Super Bowl happening this week there’s excitement building not only about the game, but about all the new commercials that will air. This year’s cost to marketers? Seven million dollars for a thirty-second spot. As always, we suggest that you take the opportunity to make your Super Bowl watching experience a teachable moment for your kids. Use it as an opportunity to teach them how to apply their faith to the glut of marketing messages they face each day. We suggest that you filter every ad through these seven questions. One – What product is this ad selling? Two- What besides the product does this ad sell in term of lifestyles and worldviews. Three – What’s the hook and the bait? Four -What does the ad promise the product will do for you? Five, does the ad tell the truth? Six, Does the ad tell a lie? And seven – how does this ad and its messages agree or disagree with God’s Word and what does that mean for me? Parents, teach your kids to exercise biblical discernment.