Almost three decades ago, researchers began to investigate the powerful role fathers play in the lives of their children and teens. There was concern that mothers were the parent most emotionally attached and attentive to their kids, while fathers spent more time outside the home pursuing career success and other interests. Realizing the crucial role that dads play in child and adolescent well-being, the fathering movement began to take off. More recently, researchers at Penn State University have looked at the role that close, accepting, emotionally warm, and supportive relationships with a father play in child well-being. Not surprisingly, the research found that dads who engage with their kids in this manner raise children who have fewer depressive symptoms, fewer weight and body image concerns, and higher self-esteem. Dads, you play a vital nurturing role. This is God’s purpose and plan for dads. And most important, dads must play an active role in spiritual nurture in the home.