Styles and fads have come and gone in the teen population thanks in part to the way these things are spread from teen to teen through one’s peer networks. The constant presence of social media has facilitated quicker and more widespread opportunities for viral fads, as kids are engaged 24/7 with their social media peer networks. The video-based social media platform known as TikTok is one avenue where kids learn about the latest styles and practices. TikTok influencers have fueled a dangerous fad towards the use of the Wellness Solution brand’s products known as Metabolism Drops and Metabolism Capsules. Even though the weight-loss products are targeted to women over eighteen, girls are using TikTok to encourage others to misuse the product, especially at high doses. Parents, be aware, and warn your kids about the dangers of these products. But be sure to go a step further and teach your kids that identity is not to be found in one’s body image, but in who they are in Christ.