TikTok’s Teenage Look Filter

Recently, TikTok added a new video filter that has drawn in those who are older to using the social media video platform. The filter is called Teenage Look. Users focus the camera on their face and see a split screen, with the lower picture showing them as they look now, while the upper picture smooths out their wrinkles, launching them into a trip down memory lane as they supposedly find themselves facing their high school aged self. Truth be told, I gave it a look which simply resulted in a quick laugh. But reports are that many older users of the Teenage Look filter are actually getting emotional in different ways. Rather than laughing, some are saying that old emotions are being drawn out. Others are upset as they realize how fast time has passed and that they are indeed aging. For those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot forget that our days are numbered, and we have a great hope that this life is not all there is. One day, God will make all things new, even you and me.