Earlier this summer I was mowing our grass when all of a sudden I heard the sound of some frantic squawking. I noticed that the panicked chorus of noise was coming from a pair of adult robins who were close by and monitoring a fluffy adolescent robin who was just learning how to fly. Both of the adult birds, who I assumed were mom and dad, were not leaving junior to himself to try to figure out how to survive and flourish in the world beyond the security of the family nest. The adult robins were not only watching the young bird stretch his wings, but they were keeping an eye out for dangers the bird must learn to avoid, including a large human being pushing a loud lawn mower. What a lesson-filled metaphor God has given us in what it was I witnessed. Our children are a gift to steward. Our role is to train them to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. As they leave the nest, we follow, watch, lead, and intervene to protect them from harm and to provide for their well-being.