President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed when I was a seven year old boy. Two days later, his alleged assassin was gunned down on live TV. The images and news reports were frightening to me. I still think about them today. Not surprising as I’ve learned about how graphic news stories effect vulnerable young children. New research from Florida International University confirms that excessive media exposure to traumatic events can and oftentimes does harm kids. Researchers analyzed nine to eleven year olds and confirmed that children are the most vulnerable during natural disasters, as well as man-made disasters perpetrated with malicious intent. It seems that kids are increasingly watching the sensationalized news of these traumatic events. Parents, we should exercise more diligence in shielding our kids from the 24/7 news cycle. We should teach our children to see tragedies as part of life in our fallen world, and to trust in the providence and provision of God.