Vaping Dangers

Here’s another update on a cultural trend that should come as no surprise. A study of more than twenty-five hundred subjects ages thirteen to twenty four has found that those who vape nicotine only, THC only, or both nicotine and THC are more likely to report anxiety symptoms, symptoms of depression, and suicidal thoughts than those who don’t vape nicotine or THC through electronic smoking devices. In addition, the symptoms of anxiety were more frequently reported among those who only vape THC, the major psychoactive component in cannabis. And, over half of those who vape nicotine, THC, or both report experiencing symptoms of depression as opposed to only twenty-five percent who do not vape. This research from the American Heart Association reminds us of the dangers of vaping any substance. Parents, teach your kids to steward their bodies to God’s glory. And, if their anxiety is overwhelming, point them to a competent Christian counselor.