Vaping in School

One of my sons is a high school physical education teacher. I recently asked him about his experiences with students and discipline over the course of the first couple of months of this school year. He reported that the students have been quite easy to handle with the exception of one particular issue: vaping in the bathrooms. The latest research says that over two-and a half million youth here in the United States are currently vaping. One fifteen year old student from New Jersey recently told Yahoo life, “You walk into the bathroom and it smells like fruit and people are passing around a vape and asking people who look chill if they want a hit. Some sit on the floor, but most go into the stalls with their friends. Everyone does it.” Another student describes his bathrooms as being nothing but a cloud of fog in there. Parents, we need to prepare our kids to steward their God-given bodies. Warn them about the addictive nature of vaping and the associated health risks.