We’re All Sinners

As a youth culture analyst there’s one question I get asked more often than any other: “What’s the greatest problem facing teenagers today?” The one-word answer is very simple: sin. It’s the same greatest problem facing people of all ages in all times and in all places. It’s the same greatest problem I face in my own life. We live in a Genesis 3:6 world. Everything God declared as “good” came undone and is in desperate need of redemption. . . . including ourselves. Each of us has exchanged “the truth of God for a lie.” In exchange, we worship and serve created things rather than the Creator”. The root of problems in our families and homes is the sinful, selfish nature of kids and adults. Yes, we must strive to raise spiritually healthy and God-honoring children. And, we must never use the universal reality of human depravity as a reason to not pursue Godliness and excellence. We must never forget that we’re all imperfect, flawed, finite beings polluted by sin, incapable of perfection, and in desperate need of a Savior.